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St. Lucian Bouyon is a soup traditionally cooked on Saturdays It is made with pig tails, potatoes, sliced plantains, pumkin,beans, dumplings and celery (other ingredient variations exist). Its a local dish worth trying.


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In St.Lucia the local beer is called "Piton" , named after our famous iconic mountains.The beer was first brewed on October 7, 1992.Piton Beer is a pilsner lager made with specially selected malt, hops, yeast and maize to give an estery, floral and hoppy aroma.


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Sulphur Springs Park

and the “Drive-in” Volcano

The caldera, created by a major volcanic explosion, offers close up views of bubbling sulfur

pits and heat pools. Once, tours included a climb into the pits for the full experience, including

dropping raw eggs into the pools and watching them boil. A guide fell through the soft substrate

of the crust causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns, he survived and the pools can be enjoyed from

a safer distance.


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If you are lucky  to be in St Lucia, all you have to do is simply  take a picture of yourself touching the Top of the island’s iconic Piton Mountains,add the #StLuciaRocks hashtag and then share it on your social pages. Ez...